Entry Light Viewpoint

Having a hard time figuring out the selected entry light you’ve seen in the showroom? You can do a mock-up of the selected light by using a cardboard and shape it with the approximate size and appearance and fasten it to the house where you planned to place it. Position yourself in different areas like from the bottom of the driveway or the middle of the street take a peek of your mockup entry light to be sure it looks right.

CHANDELIER. Chandelier provides a glamorous look to the entryway. Chandelier comes in different styles like colonial candle styles or sleek drums, elegant crystal chandeliers, and cage chandeliers. On selecting a fixture, be sure that it is proportional to the space of the entryway. Unless you want the fixture to serve as a focal point, having smaller entryways will fit a smaller type of chandelier.

PENDANT. This type of style defines a modern space as well as the traditional area. Pendant light adds a glow to entryway while still doodling the eye upward to produce the illusion of a taller space. There are different styles of pendant lights like single, chandelier-like pendants to clusters of smaller pendants. To brighten a long hallway-like entryway use a series of small pendants, or a single, large pendant for a tiny area.

WALL SCONCES. This type of lighting fixtures gives a welcoming glow to the entryway. You can put a single or both scones affix on side of the door or an entryway system. By installing them in the foyer and down the hallway, if you have one leading out of the space, you can also use wall sconces to draw the eye to the rest of the house.  To put into reality your entryway look together, pick from a variety of styles, shapes and finishes.to radiate their glow on a variety of surfaces as sconces also come with uplighting, downlighting, and multidirectional lighting.

LAMPS. Lamps provide an attractive solution if you have space and you want to add a little extra visual attention. Choose a simple lamp, but to create a sleek but interesting lighting solution, add a custom shade. To figure out the level of warmth or coolness that works best in the room, play with different types of light bulbs.