I just picked up an Amazon Fire Stick the other day, and have finally had an opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. Here’s the thing, I have a smart TV in my living room that has access to the internet and has its own interface of applications, so there was no benefit to plugging the Fire Stick into that TV. The TV in our bedroom however, is not a smart TV but does have HDMI ports. So up until this past weekend, we’ve been using the¬†Google Chromecast device, which is great because it allows you to stream Netflix and other apps from your phone to the TV. So while the Chromecast is neat, it’s not always convenient. There are often connectivity issues that happen at complete random, which keeps us from being able to watch anything some nights. The other problem, is that it’s tedious to use when you’re tired and ready to throw something on TV before drifting off to sleep. And if you want to switch episodes or shows, it becomes an even bigger problem because sometimes it just gets stuck.

With the Amazon Fire Stick however, you get access to all the apps; Netflix, HBO GO, Showtime Go, Fox Sports Go, and more. And all with the click of a button. No fiddling around with your phone, waiting for it to connect to the television (if you’re lucky). I’ve been able to easily fast forward, rewind, and switch shows or episodes with no issues or problems. The remote that it comes with as well is also a nice touch. It’s a smart remote with Alexa voice command, so not only does it look sexy, but you can tell it what to do as well (No Sexism inteded). I won’t be switching back to the Google Chromecast anytime soon. It was a great idea but Amazon really created a better product with a better idea.