The Technology of Epoxy Flooring

When we think of technology we normally think of smartphones, computers, and the Internet. Each year, there seems to be a rapid advance in each of these. The rise of new technology can also in the fields of medicine, energy, and even education. But construction is also an area in which technology continues to thrive. In particular, for this post, we will discuss the technology of polished concrete and epoxy.

Most people don’t know how polished flooring gets the shine it has. It looks similar to a car that was just waxed on a fine summer day. The car is so polished that someone can almost see their reflection in the paint. A polished floor has a similar effect.

The key to a good floor polish is called epoxy. Epoxy is a chemical compound which becomes hardened over time. Once the epoxy is on the floor it also has solvent-resistant properties. Every city has a top company that is the best to choose service from. One can find Best Epoxy Flooring New York City, in Chicago, or in Miami. That being said, most flooring companies today have already moved to the newest technology available as an option.

There are a number of technological advancements associated with epoxy flooring. One is that newer epoxy lasts longer than ever. In the past, flooring systems would tend to last anywhere between five to ten years, depending on the usage.

Today’s epoxy is also more versatile than in the past. What this means is that the owner can determine what level of sheen they would like. Also, the owner can choose if they want the floor to mimic the look of marble or tile.

Future advances in technology will allow an owner to choose even more options. Furthermore, future flooring is bound to last even longer. Because of this, epoxy flooring has proven to be a great option for flooring.…

Iphone 7 Review

Is your head spinning yet? Mine certainly is. Every time I put my head down to enjoy the features of the then latest iPhone, a newer, more improved version hits the shelves.
The iPhone 7 has been deemed the best iPhone ever made by most tech geeks, and Apple aficionados. Could these claims actually be true? To determine that, we have to take a 360 -degrees look at the new iPhone 7
Colors Colors, And More Colors Through colors, we express our personality, and broadcast to the world who we are.
From Black, Jet Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, to the PRODUCT RED colored iPhone, a brand new iPhone in which all proceeds help support the fight against HIV/AIDS,
The iPhone 7 comes with a larger assortment of colors to choose from.
Upgrade In Visual Presentation Though unnoticeable to the average eye, those who appreciate quality will be pleased to know that Apple has improved its Retina HD visual displays and now boasts of a 25% increase in screen brightness than the previous iPhones 6 model.

A Brand New Home Button With all the complaints and negative reports about the home buttons of the previous iPhone models, it came as no surprise when Apple announced on making upgrades to the home buttons of the iPhone 7 and 7s. iPhone users can now enjoy Force Touch support as well as the new haptic user interface feedback.
More Storage Space Are selfies taking up all your storage space? Say goodbye to having to delete all your priceless photos just to create memory space. You can now snap away, the storage capacity on the iPhone 7 is now twice its previous version. The basic model is equipped with a a storage of 32G.B worth of storage, the medial, a 128GB, and the alpha of the three comes loaded with 256GB of storage.
New Camera Features That Leave You Speechless
Just when you thought the quality of the iPhone 6s was comparable to that of a professional photographers’, the new iPhone 7 blows the 6s right out of the water.
• Equipped with (OIS) or Optical Image Stabilization
• It’s f/1.8 lens and its aperture absorbs more light and captures a high defined photo.
• Twice as faster and doesn’t take up as much phone energy as before.
• A groundbreaking 12-megapixel sensor
• Dual Quad-LED which helps shoot high resolution photos in the dark • New image signal-processor with twice the throughout of Apple’s earlier ISP
• 7-megapixel anterior camera

New Wireless Feature. For Better, Or For Worse? Contrary to what we are accustomed to, this new iPhone 7 comes installed with brand new W1 chip that advances a new wireless technology. Don’t be alarmed by the new wireless technology, it is fairly simple to use. Let’s say you want to pair your wireless iPhone 7, with a friends wireless iPhone 7, simply place them close to each other, and you’re good to go.

One of the neatest features however, is the new and improved Gorilla Glass that comes standard on the iPhone 7. We have tested it’s durability and I don’t even think the stump grinding machine from my guys over at Florida Tree Experts would make a scratch in this glass. I know of one dude who took a hammer to his iPhone screen, and this guy wasn’t small mind you. He broke his hand. Technology is nuts.

Another use of wireless technology on the new Apple gadget, is the hassle free connection of the new wireless AirPods ear set. The moment you open up the charging compartment for your new AirPods wireless earbuds, you’ll see a dialog box that appears on your iPhone 7, which instantly informs you that you are set to go.
In addition to the wireless AirPods, New Beats headphones with the wireless W1 chip are compatible with the new iPhone 7 & 7s.…

For the last year I have been commuting to work- five days a week, in peak rush hour traffic, 40 miles each way to and from the office. There have been numerous instances over the last year when the drive was so stressful and cut-throat that I have seriously considered giving up. I have imagined myself pulling over on the side of the major interstate I travel on and just waiting for the traffic to subside and the maniac drivers to return to their homes. Every morning I would type the office address into Apple Maps and hope that on that particular day I would be accurately directed towards the most efficient and least stressful route. Unfortunately three out of ten mornings I would be lead astray by Apple Maps into gridlock traffic, construction zone delays, and sheer stress. After sharing my frustration with a fellow commuter, I was urged to download the Waze app and she promised that it would change my driving experience completely. Simply stated, it has.

The Waze app calculates, with incredible accuracy, the quickest route to your destination. The app gives real time traffic updates by utilizing a social network of drivers who are, “Outsmarting traffic. Together.” Wazers are able to send traffic reports along the way: tag a road hazard, report a hidden patrol car, send an accident alert, among others. When another Wazer subsequently drives passed the point where the alert was sent, they can either like the alert or denote that the alert is inaccurate. You can search an extensive database for your destination by typing in the location or using the voice command feature. The app will allow you to store your home, work, and other favorite addresses. Simply tap home and you’re on your way. Once you have your destination set, Waze will automatically calculate the quickest route and your ETA as well as provide you with alternate routes and their associated ETA’s. During your drive, the app will voice navigate you as well as alert you of upcoming heavy traffic, patrol cars, and vehicles stopped on the side of the road. You can even spot nearby Wazers and the speed they are traveling on the map.

The Waze app, believe it or not, has made driving and commuting more enjoyable. You get points and are incentivized for participating with the application. Having the app has really made me feel like I get to be a part of something bigger, as corny as that might sound. Us Wazers, get to work together as a community to spot driving hazards, speed traps, and accidents and then show our appreciation to one another. If you want a more accurate navigation app that has a lot of interactive features and the most up to date traffic patterns, download Waze app. If you’re afraid of change and like sitting in traffic, don’t. But even my Handyman uses Waze to locate his customers. And if an old school Handyman can use it, so can you.…

There are several schools of thought when it comes to First Person Shooter games. In the realm of my limited friendships, I have found Three opinions pervading above all others. Those opinions are, at opposite sides of the spectrum to say the least. That being said, this can’t be counted as a big data aggregated poling survey since my friend base is not that large and thus can not be projected as a realistic sample size without bias. Nonetheless, I find the difference in opinions interesting.

I have several friends that love First Person Shooter games. Prying my buddy Jake away from Call of Duty is similar to the zoo keepers trying to get the Silverback Gorilla Harambe away from the child at the zoo. Nearly impossible without causing irreparable harm. On the other end of the spectrum lies what I like to call the go getters or doo’rs in life. These go getter friends of mine absolutely hate video games, and feel fairly strongly about it. They do not consider it a good time to sit in their room and play imaginary. This also manifests in to the school of thought that these video games will change your mind and thought process. When a mass shooting occurs or someone is acting strangely the go getters are always the first to lay blame on video games and first person shooter games.

After doing so library research I found that in fact there is a third viewpoint. Cognitive researcher Daphne Bavalier has a great you tube video about how video games can help us learn, focus and even develop multitasking abilities. The Youtube video that I found in Rochester Library is very fascinating. Her arguments are very strong and scientifically based.

So I pose the question, do first person shooter games have the ability to alter the perception and reality of the obsessive gamer? Is this a real thing or is it just an excuse that meatheads use to justify their anti-gaming sentiment? Maybe there is a middle ground outside of my small albeit opinionated friendship circle. Maybe video games can actually be helpful for cognitive development as Daphne Bavalier argues.

Please leave your comments below!…