I was pretty skeptical about an app that said you could transfer money between friends just by linking your debit or credit card, and all for no cost or fees. My first thought, probably like anyone else, is it safe? And why is it free? What is the catch? Well, two weeks and many transactions later, I can tell you with little uncertainty that there is not catch, there is no fee, and it is in fact safe.

All I had to do was download the app from the app store, type in my debit card information, and I was sending and receiving money like a champ. What’s cool too, is that you can see your friends’ transactions on the home page in the app. Like, ‘Charles Schwab paid Daffy Duck for sushi.’

What else is cool, is that I’ve even been able to use it with a few local businesses. I had a sweet guy from¬†Epoxy Fort Lauderdale¬†come out and do some work for me and like the doofus I sometimes am…. I forgot my wallet. Luckily they were able to just accept my payment via Venmo.

In a world where no one has cash anymore, and not everyone carries around a square, apps like Venmo and Cash app are a must have. The biggest question looming is, ‘will it always be free?’ And that’s tough to say, they might just be building up their subscriber base before they start tacking on fees to every transaction, which is what most startups do. If that day comes, I’m sure I will move on. But until then, this app and others like it are a must have in today’s society.